Film & TV composition samples

SOLO record releases under the name 'Hektor Red':



COLLABORATIVE record releases:

Left of Manila – COAST EP (2012)

BBC6 Music, Mary Anne Hobbs – “Love Left Of Manila … It’s a beautiful EP”

At Your Side’ featured on BBC6 Music’s Cerys Matthews ‘Poetry in Motion’.

ArtRocker – “Brian Eno set loose on an obscure German krautrock record from the late ’70s, with a pipette’s worth of Animal Collective dropped into his eyeballs.”

Left of Manila – KEEP YOU WALKING (2013)

BBC6 Introducing – ‘Incredible, stunning piece of music’

A BAND OF BURIERS – Slides By (LEFT OF MANILA re-mix) (2013)

DELIRIUM OF LOVE – short film by Ronaldas Buozis (2011)

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